Merry & Bright 2014 ...

... is just three weeks away. 

Can you believe that is even a thing? That your friends are sharing photos on Facebook of Buddy the Elf announcing only 10 more Fridays until CHRISTMAS?!

I can't believe it either, except for the fact that my calendar and to-do list are staring me in the face as I finally find a small wedge of time to write this.

But as often happens, every year, after weeks of late nights, little sleep, meals grabbed on the fly, and a good amount of drive and adrenaline (aka stress), it all comes together and I'm left to observe and experience the holiday open house  in a cloud of wonder that this is my life.

And you're invited! So grab some good friends and come explore all the treasures that I've been holding (alright, I confess, hoarding) back for the event.

I am so proud of this year's event invitation. Along with the shop, I do all of my own graphic design as well as some freelance work for other merchants. But c'mon now -- a sweet cherubic French angel with glitter and paper lace and scrolls... and did I say GLITTER? I'm totally saving this design back to make Christmas cards.

Anyway, this darling girl will be going out to all of the local customers who prefer to get real mail once-a-year from the shop. I hope it makes them as happy as it does me.

She'll also be showing up in e-mail inboxes for our monthly newsletter

The shop is closing and I'm going to get home so that I can grab a quick dinner before working on more projects and price some new merch that I can't wait to display.

Christmas is coming... let the count down begin!

Have a blessed evening, lovelies!