There had never been a plan to go into estate services...

until a dear friend asked me to assist her family in sorting through her estate after her passing. Just a month after my own father's death, I had firsthand experience with grief and needing to do something with all the items left behind.

I know what it is like to stand in the middle of a home and not know where to start, the pressure to keep everything, and the realization that keeping everything is impossible. Our lives are not meant to absorb the entire contents of someone else's life -- from sundry items, collections, or even their Tupperware. I am also firmly convinced that no one ever intends their belongings to be a burden to their survivors.

With my experiences as a shop owner specializing in antique and vintage goods; my connections with clients, collectors, and other dealers; and experiences having attended countless auctions and estate sales where the families were clearly overwhelmed and felt like they were dealing and selling pieces of their loved one away, I have the tools and knowledge necessary to make an estate liquidation as smooth and painless as possible.

Getting Started

Before any estate services, we prefer to schedule an on-site consultation to answer any questions you have and walk through the property.

At that time, we will assess the pieces you are looking to liquidate and discuss the best avenues to do that within your timeframe and our schedule availability.



Peace of mind for yourself and your family.

Whether you are looking to downsize your home or personal collections, are dealing with a loved one's loss, or are wanting to plan for the future, we can help.