Some things I "know in my knower"*:

•    A great day involves a combination of the following: thrifting, belly laughs, driving with the windows down, wild hair and            singing along to my current theme song. (At the moment, every track from Hamilton, The Musical.)
•    Color is my love. Shades of aqua, teal, verdigris, sea glass blue, and mint green are key to my happiness.
•    I was created to be a communicator and storyteller. I love to connect with people.
•    I am either a really extroverted introvert or a slightly introverted extrovert. Yet every Myers-Briggs says I'm an ENFP.
•    My goal is to use my talents in giving praise and honor to the One who has done so much more than I could ask or                  imagine, and that glory is His forever. (Ephesians 3:14-21 is an underlying, foundational scripture for my life.) 
•    I am content to live off lemonade and peach sun tea in the spring/summer and cocoa and Chai tea in the fall/winter.
•    Ohio really is the heart of it all, but even if I live here another twenty plus years, I'll always be a Florida girl.
•    My work ethic and ingenuity come from my ancestors, willing to leave what was familiar in search of the new. My father             emigrated to the US from Italy in the 1970's, and my mother's ancestry goes all the way back to Virginia in the 1670s.
•    My personality has been distinctively shaped by having an unusual name and going by it. If I ever have a daughter, I'm              totally keeping the go-by-the-unusual-middle-name tradition alive.
•    I am exactly where I am meant to be in my life. Past dreams and goals simply helped guide me into the stream of events          that led me to the now. Entrepreneurship is my jam.


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* "Know in one's knower" was a phrase my sweet, Southern grandmother always used. It means knowledge that is foundational and integral to one's self. The bedrock and core of your being, behind intuition and instinct.

10 Quick Facts

1. I go by my middle name.
2. I don't drink coffee.
3. Cinnamon Sugar > Chocolate
4. Travel excites me.
5. I'm a complete #aquaholic.
6. I love to sing harmonies.
7. Gift giving is my love language.
8. Soccer is my sport of choice to watch.
9. I'm a silent laugher.
10. I'm fur mama to two dogs and a cat.

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